Skylands Manor Engagement Session | Michaela and Brian


Their Session: Skylands Manor Engagement Session

Michaela and Brian’s Skylands Manor Engagement Session! Skylands Manor and NJ botanical gardens was the perfect location for these two to show off their love.

Their Story: Michaela and Brian

Brian and Michaela grew up in different towns that joined together for high school. They met at a 7th grade “mixer” that the parents threw for each town to get to know each other. Fun side note, this is actually where Michaela met both of her bridesmaids too! They became and stayed close friends throughout high school. However, Michaela thinks Brian always knew she had a crush on him. Somehow Michaela managed to convince Brian to star as her love interest in two school performances as Peter Pan and Aladdin, to her Wendy and Princess Jasmine. During those times, they definitely fell for each other but decided to stay close friends instead. After graduating from high school, they changed their minds and started dating three weeks before moving away to different colleges! Everyone thought they were crazy, but their gut feelings must have been right because they have been together ever since!

The Proposal:

Michaela and Brian got engaged on December 18th, 2021. Brian spent weeks picking out the perfect ring and reaching out to Michaela’s friends and family to make sure it was special. Michaela’s best friends, Sally and Natalie, told her to dress up for a fancy brunch on Saturday morning. Michaela got all dolled up and ready, but on their way Brian took a wrong turn. Michaela was annoyed because she thought they would be late! Instead he took her to one of their favorite walking bridges in town, where there were hundreds of rose petals and the words “MARRY ME” in lights. They were both so emotional when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Michaela’s sweet friends popped out from behind a bench to surprise me. Michaela and Brian headed home to FaceTime her family, then meet them at a local restaurant later that night. When Michaela walked in their siblings and best friends were there to celebrate with them. That night he even booked reservations for both of their families to go to dinner. The whole entire day was so surreal, and they say they still smile ear to ear thinking about it!

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