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I'm Jen – photographer, free-spirit, beach lover, your bff with a camera!

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The wildly in love couple that loves slowing down, living in the moment and living life to the fullest. My couples are always down for an adventure and aren't afraid to get a little wild – barefoot in the sand, wind in your hair, dress dragging as you run around with your lover kind of wild. I know that every couple is different and am here to celebrate your uniqueness! I want you to look at your photos and think “wow that is so us!”

I vibe with couples who are laid-back, can't keep their hands off each other and believe in getting married the way they want to.

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When creating my photog biz I wanted to come up with a name that not only felt good to me and embodied who I am but also spoke to my dream couples. The ocean is where I feel most alive & at home, so I decided to take a piece of it with me. After a little searching Oceana was born and became my photography last name!

Oceana (o-she-on-a) is not my real last name!

a little about me

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Did someone say vegan desserts?! I love finding the best vegan desserts in town, especially when traveling to new places. The minute I see the menu offers vegan desserts I just have to give it a try! Nothing is better to me than having a day of being active and then ending it with something sweet.

I'm slightly obsessed with vegan desserts

a little about me

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I’m an Aunt to the two best, cutest, smartest, kindest, funniest, most talented, wonderfully amazing little girls in the whole world. And I’m in NO WAY biased or anything. I’m that person that can’t help but show you photos and videos of them. Even if I know you don’t care I can’t help myself. I didn’t know it was possible for little humans to be so perfect! 

Spending time with my nieces

a little about me

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I have a passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle. Hiking, biking, yoga, pilates, if it means getting to move my body I’m in! A healthy lifestyle includes mental health too! Meditating, journaling, et.c When I prioritize my health I can better show up for all the relationships in my life personal and professional! 

Living an active and healthy life

a little about me

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At one point I was eating MULTIPLE a day. I’ve gotten better and now can go a whole day without one! But seriously who doesn't love a good smoothie bowl. Fill that bad boy up with bananas, granola and almond butter and you're good to go. It’s like getting to have a dessert as a meal.

Give me all the smoothie bowls

a little about me

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My life motto is to follow what lights you up - what excites the hell out of you and gets you going in the morning.

I adore meeting my amazing wildly in love couples, hearing about your love story, being a part of your wedding planning process from the surprises, to the little details you’re incorporating, to meeting your friends and family, and watching your wedding day come to life!

It's the best feeling to get to document it ALL for you!!! This passion fills my heart with complete joy, lights me up, and of course is so freaking fun.

When I was younger I used to get in trouble for talking too much. Now, as your wedding photographer, I’m allowed to let it allllll out! Just a warning, I will be freaking out about how awesome and amazing you guys look!

I can’t help myself awe over you, hype you up, and cheer you on during your entire wedding day.

By the end of the night my cheeks usually hurt from smiling so much at all the magical goodness I got to witness.

I always say as a photographer sometimes the last thing we do is take photos.

what i'm all about

It's so important to me that you feel connected to me as your photographer and friend!
Here's a little snippet of my staples in life! Do we have any in common?!


From cute downtowns to the beach to the mountains, I'm always ready for my next trip!

My cat

My cat Toby gives the best snuggles. After a long day we love laying in bed relaxing together.

cold brew

Pretty much the lifeline. I mean, can anyone reallllly function without coffee?!


Tell me your birth date and time and I'll dive into everything you need to know and more!


Am I really a photographer if I don't freak out over sunsets? They're a golden dream!

- annie & tim

Jen was recommended to us for our mini ceremony. We absolutely loved everything about the entire experience. She was very easy going and made the photoshoot enjoyable. Everyone in our family had something nice to say about her, and our photos are simply beautiful. She has great recommendations, is helpful when choosing places or outfits, if you can’t decide something she will give her honest opinion and everything just works out perfectly.I highly recommend Jen!!!

Amazing photographer, patient, flexible, very comfortable to work with, friendly, and great personality.

- Lawlah and AJ

Jen is AMAZING. Going into the engagement shoot we were worried we would be awkward and not know what to do. Jen made us feel so comfortable and it didn’t feel like we were in front of a camera!! Our jaws hurt by the end of the shoot from all the laughing and smiling. Our pictures came out INCREDIBLE. She captured our love in those pictures. 10/10 recommend Jen!

Jen made us feel so comfortable and it didn’t feel like we were in front of a camera!!

- Rob and Danielle

Couldn’t be happier that we chose Jen for our engagement shoot. From our first time chatting, Jen was all in. She listened to exactly what our vision was and brought it to life through her photography. I looked at my final gallery and immediately cried. Each photo told our story so beautifully. Highly recommend!!

She listened to exactly what our vision was and brought it to life through her photography.

- Melody and John

I hope that if you are considering Jen for any of your photography needs, you choose her again and again. Her personality is so genuine and sincere! The proofs were delivered quickly and again, the quality and emotions she was able to capture made me cry! Thank you Jen! You were amazing.

You could literally hear laughter and JOY from each picture.

sweet words from past couples

overheard at the beach bar...

Gen & Joe

Amanda & Noah

Sarah & Matt

i'm like pretty obsessed
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Sarah & Matt

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amanda & noah

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My goal for our time together is to be by your side every step of the way to capture this wild adventure and give you photos that you can actually FEEL the moment years down the road.

let's do this!

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Someone who will tell the story of your day from getting ready to reception to all of the magical, heartfelt moments in between.

I’m here to show the feeling you bring to each other and the emotions you were feeling at each and every moment. From the joy of getting ready, to the tears of the first look, to the laughter during the ceremony, to the excitement during the reception. Because to me, those are the memories you’re going to want to remember years later.

Your wedding photos are more than photos, it’s your story, your emotions, a sliver of a moment in time. In a blink of an eye your wedding day is over and wedding photos allow you to relive your day over and over again.

On your wedding day, you deserve someone you can trust to capture each and every moment.

your big day

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