Skylands Manor Engagement


Cara and Chris

I’m so excited to share Cara and Chris’s Skylands Manor Engagement photos. Cara and Chris have that special something that just clicks. Their connection is so natural and effortless that it’s like watching two puzzle pieces seamlessly fit together. I didn’t have to pose them or prompt them much, they simply fell into each other’s arms, creating those charmingly candid moments that make engagement sessions come alive.

One thing I love about Cara and Chris is their ability to embrace the little joys in life. During our session, we laughed, we goofed around, and we soaked up the carefree vibes. They didn’t take things too seriously, and it made for some incredible photos filled with genuine smiles and deep laughs. It was a reminder that love doesn’t need to be picture-perfect to be absolutely beautiful.

Their Session: Skylands Manor Engagement

For their engagement session, Cara and Chris chose Skylands Manor and NJ Botanical Gardens. A location with the perfect laidback but elegant atmosphere. Surrounded by nature, with the sun casting a warm glow, they were able to let loose. The serene surroundings reflected their carefree spirits and provided a stunning backdrop for their unique love story.

During their session, I could just tell that I would be able to document their wedding day in such a beautiful way. It was when I realized I was no longer prompting, but simply photographing that they had something different. I was no longer guiding them because they didn’t need it. Just being them made for the perfect photo. Which in turn makes me so excited to document their wedding day at Mountain Creek next year.

In this laidback engagement session, I witnessed the realness of Cara and Chris’ love. No frills, no pretense. Just two people who genuinely enjoy each other’s company and aren’t afraid to let their guard down. Their effortless connection, casual moments, and carefree ambiance created an enchanting love story that I was honored to capture.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into their journey, and I look forward to sharing more laidback love stories with you soon! To inquire click here!