Ryland Inn Wedding | Sam and Ryan


Their Wedding Day: Ryland Inn Wedding

Sam and Ryan’s Ryland Inn wedding was an absolute dream! From the end of summer weather, to the beautiful green foliage that surrounds the Ryland Inn Coach House. Everything came together perfectly. The skies cleared up and that sun peeked through allowing us to take advantage of both indoor and outdoor space. Sam and Ryan were lucky enough to be granted access to the bridal suite, complimentary of the Ryland Inn, so they had a space to hide away as their guests arrived. We seriously could not have asked for a more special day!

Funny enough, when chatting with Ryan and Sam, we came to find that we had friends in common. Sam mentioned that she was at a sorority of Monmouth University. Interestingly enough my best friend also was in a sorority at Monmouth. Of course it just so happens they were in the same one and know each other super well! After chatting more we then found out that Sam is very good friends with an old high school friend of mine. All of these coincidences just shows us what a small world it is!

Their Love Story

Ryan and Same actually dated for a while in high school after she saw a photo of him on her friend’s Facebook page. She immediately texted her saying she needed to meet “that guy wearing the Abercrombie sweater in your photo. I’ll make him my husband one day!”  So, Sam’s friend introduced them and after getting to know each other for a bit, they started dating! They then broke up for 5 years when we went to different colleges. Finally destiny brought them back together when they were 23 years old, and have been happily together ever since.

When I asked Sam what she loves about Ryan she said “what don’t I love about Ryan. As corny as it sounds, from the first time I saw a photo of him I just knew I was going to marry him. I instantly fell in love with his blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He is also the most supportive, patient and loving person I have ever known”.  

They got engaged on May 11, 2019. Ryan surprised Same the week prior by telling her that he made reservations at a place called Grand Vin in Hoboken. A place she’d been dying to try. He said it was just going to be a casual dinner and wine tasting. And, to her surprise, on the walk to the restaurant in a near-by park, he got down on one knee and proposed. When they got to the restaurant he had another surprise waiting for her as their entire families were there to celebrate. “Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, we walked down town to a bar to continue drinking and partying where all of our closest friends surprised me! It was hands down one of the best days of my life.”

To Sam and Ryan

I’m seriously so honored to have been a part of your wedding day. Thank you so much for being so kind, warm, and inviting and making me feel like a part of your family! Congrats on the most epic wedding and starting this next chapter in your life. Also, thanks for sharing all the fun photos from your Mexico honeymoon! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you guys!

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