NJ Backyard Wedding | Megan and Brittany


Their Wedding

Megan and Brittanys NJ Backyard Wedding was truly amazing. A total DIY wedding that you would have never known was DIY. Every detail was thought of with true intention. I’m not one to cry very often in general. However these two may have gotten me to be able to shed a tear or two.

Their Story

These cuties met while working at the most magical place on earth…Disney World. They were completing the Disney College Program and both were placed at Typhoon Lagoon. I don’t think it was any coincidence…the universe works in mysterious ways! Once their time at Disney World was complete, they were determined to make it work despite living in different parts of the country. Although long distance had its challenges they look back on their time apart and know it only helped them grow as a couple. 

They are most certainly the silly couple. They love to make each other and everyone around them laugh and smile. They shared with me that every morning, they try to beat  the other in saying, “make people smile”, as they go to work. They strive to be the couple that everyone feels accepted and loved around. 

Are they not the cutest? As a couple they love to spend time outdoors. Picnics at the lake near them, going on late night walks, and grabbing ice cream. But they also love their time at home! They enjoy snuggling up on their coach together with a good book, or doing some embroidering. 

Meg and Britt

It was seriously a blast getting to know you both more and more. I still can remember how much my cheeks hurt from smiling during our bridal consultation together when you guys shared the proposal stories with me. Your wedding day was simply magical and it was such an honor to be apart of it.