Monmouth University Engagement Session


Their Session: Monmouth University Engagement Session | Holly and Mark

I’m still obsessing over Holly and Marks Monmouth University Engagement Session! I always say that college campuses are the best kept secret when it comes to engagement session locations. I think we can easily forget how much college campuses have to offer! Obviously, Monmouth University is not exception to this rule! Monmouth has tons of beautiful architecture that can really highlight a couple beautifully. Im a sucker for white and clean spaces, arch ways, long columns and bright long staircases. This basically describes Monmouth University in a nutshell. Not to mention the beautiful gardens and greenery through out the entire campus!

Pro tip when working at a college campus, make sure it’s during a holiday break! Extra bonus points if you check the campus calendar before hand and make sure there are no university events taking place that day. I clearly learned from experience! One time I had a late June engagement session at Princeton University. I checked to see when the last day of classes where to make sure the campus would be empty. However, I failed to check when their commencement ceremony was. I’ll let you take a guess as to when Princeton decided to have their commencement ceremony. Yup, you guessed it. The same night as our session which meant 100’s of people flocked the campus. Luckily we were totally fine and got amazing photos regardless!

Their Story | Holly and Mark

Holly and Mark are getting Married at Disney World in 2023 so they reached out to me to capture their engagement photos! I absolutely would have loved to capture their wedding as well, but it’s not surprise that Disney has in house photographers that they work with! Holly and Mark decided on Monmouth University so they could get a mix of greenery and beach. We began at the university and headed down to Monmouth beach to complete their session! One thing you can’t see in their photos was the temperature. It was a hot 98 degrees that evening with no wind. Thank goodness the beach was able to cool them down a bit!

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