LBI Beach Engagement Session


Their Session: LBI Beach Dana and Bryan

Dana and Bryan’s LBI beach engagement session was seriously such a blast. I typically work at the same NJ beaches so it was fun for me to travel a little more south for Dana and Bryans engagement session. Especially because LBI is so meaningful to them I was happy to do so! LBI beach engagement session it is!We met at Bryan’s parents house and then headed to the beach all together. Me, Dana, Bryan, and of course their golden doodle George! After the beach we decided to experiment a little and head to fantasy island. I’d never done something like this before so I was excited for the challenge. Dana and Bryan were excited to give it a try anyway and I was so excited with how they came out!

Fun bonus fact for you all. Dana and I were actual friends in high school! We went our separate ways for college, so it was fun to reunite for something as exciting as her wedding! It’s the best when you can see an old friend and it felt like no time has passed. Such a fun full circle experience for both of us!

Their Story: Dana and Bryan

Bryan and Dana matched on bumble. He recognized her as a friend of a lot of his high school friends. Dana reached out first because for those of you that don’t know. The girl needs to make the first move to start the conversation on bumble. She was not hesitant to go on a date with him at all. Especially because some of his best friends from high school were my close friends from college. They went to Rosie’s in Randolph on their first date on Tuesday October 16th 2019. Then they hung out that same week on Friday and were together ever since!

The Proposal

Saturday October 9th, 2021- Bryan said he was running to the mall to get something he needed for the following weekend. Dana thought nothing of it. His friend Kristen showed up at their house about 30 minutes after he left. She came to the door with a card and single flower. Dana read the card and at the bottom was a riddle which said to go to her parents house. Dana’s parents had the next clue to go to their first date spot. Bryan’s parents were waiting there with the next clue. Then Kristen and Dana drove to Bryans old apartment that he lived in when they first got together. His brothers were there and gave Dana the next clue which was to go to her old apartment. Dana’s brother was there with the last clue to go back to their house. He decorated the house with rose pedals and a big light up MARRY ME sign. Dana cried like a baby admittedly. Then they hung out and drank champagne and later celebrated with their friends and family

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