Divine Park Engagement Session


Their Session: Marissa and Yosef Divine Park Engagement Session

Marissa and Yosefs Divine Park engagement session was one for the books! Seriously the perfect location to show off their love! We even got to celebrate with their puppy at the very end!

Their Story: Marissa and Yosef

Yosef and Marissa met in post-graduate pharmacy training in West Virginia. He helped her move into her new apartment and build Ikea furniture. Their first “unofficial” date was spent eating Chick-fil-a, going to a county fair, and spontaneously watching a demolition derby. He cooked a homemade steak and lobster dinner for our their official date and the rest is history! Fun fact, these two also planned to get Chick-fil-a after our session. They clearly love it there!

Yosef proposed to Marissa on December 16, 2021. He surprised her with a romantic vacation to Key West, Florida. While they were there, he rented out the lighthouse for just the two of them at sunset. He proposed to her at the top of the lighthouse at sunset and “it was absolutely beautiful”!

I asked these two what their favorite thins about each other are and this is what they said. “My favorite thing about Yosef is how much he takes care of me. He makes my coffee and packs my lunch every morning. Sometimes he leaves me little surprises like Sour Patch Kids in my lunchbox too! He is always willing to listen to me when I have a bad day or offer to give me a shoulder massage. He is so supportive and makes me feel loved every single moment of every day. There is so much I love about Marissa it is truly hard to pick just one thing. She is compassionate, willing to adventure, and loving. She has taught me patience and made me a better person. If I had to pick one thing I would say how supportive she is. Whether it’s a crazy travel idea of mine, me deciding to go back to school, having a bad day at work, or anything else that we encounter in our lives, she always supports me with a smile and always stands by my side through everything.” Seriously how cute!

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