Divine Park Engagement Session


Their Session: Divine Park Engagement Session | Corrin and Ryan

How cute is this Divine Park engagement session with Corrin and Ryan! Corrin and Ryan knew they wanted a mix of nature and beach for their session so they opted for both. We began at Divine Park in Spring Lake, NJ. I swear sometimes I think this is my other home with the amount of time I spend there! Not mad at it at all though. It is absolutely gorgeous here. From here we headed down to the beach for sunset for some more fun. I was also SO excited to see the tide was low which meant the rocks in the water were exposed. So of course I had to have Corrin and Ryan stand on them for some photos!

Their Story: Corrin and Ryan

Corrin has a twin sister who met and became very close friends with Ryan in 7th grade. They knew of each other, but only from stories Corrin’s sister would tell her. Unfortunately, they ended up going to different high schools, so Corrin’s sister and Ryan lost touch. It wasn’t until the beginning of their Junior year of high school when a group of Corrin and her girl friends ran into Ryan and his friends at the mall. Around that time, they were looking for dates for their school’s homecoming dance. Corrin’s sister mentioned Ryan being someones date. So, she gave him a call and he agreed to be Corrin’s friend’s date (she already had a date at the time). After the dance they all went out to eat and that’s when they really hit it off! They started texting each other and hanging out and officially became a couple on January 20, 2013.

The Proposal

Ryan proposed on November 5th, 2021. Corrin’s twin sister, her fianće, Ryan, and Corrin took a trip to Salem, Massachusetts. They were excited to explore the area and learn all about witches! Corrin’s sister planned all of the tours and one of them was the haunted ghost tour. Her sister told Corrin that her and her fiance were going to go visit a friend who lived by the area, so Ryan and Corrin went back to the hotel to get ready for the tour since it was a night tour. Ryan and Corrin hopped in the car heading to the location of the tour spot. They met my sister and her fianće at the spot. They parked and her sister lead them to the spot where everyone was waiting, which happened to be on top of a hill, and there it was.. Corrin’s engagement spot. No one was there and It was all set up with a blanket, lanterns, lights, hay stacks, pumpkins, and a sign that said “Corrin, will you marry me?” Ryan proposed and of course she said yes! It was so sweet, with a beautiful sunset and view, but also a huge surprise.